Will the United States led airstrike against Syria lead to WW3?

Are we headed for World War 3?Are we headed for World War 3?

Th United States of America and her allies, United Kingdom and France,  have launched airstrikes against Syria for what they say is chemical weapons used against the Syrian people.  The President of Syria,  Bashar al-Assad, has come out to denounce this strike as an aggression against a sovereign state which is backed by Russia and Iran.

Now the chance of Russia and America colliding is becoming more real as there are many opportunities for mistaken identity on the battlefield.  How to tell the good guys from the bad guys will be hard?  As both America, United Kingdom and France have backed one side while the Russians and Iran have backed the other, the chance of this war becoming bigger might lead to War War 3.

We are indeed living in dangerous times.

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