Should new Canadian citizens have to swear oath to the Queen?

If you were lucky enough to get yourself in the ceremonial room to receive your Canadian citizenship, would you have a problem with swearing allegiance to the Queen?

While most people would just recite the words just because they wanted to get it over with, an increasing number of new citizens are offended with having to swear allegiance to the queen.

Dror Bar-Natan for one is a newly minted Israeli Canadian citizen who is offended by his forced allegiance to the Queen, that he delayed his citizenship by years.  During the swearing of allegiance he handed the presiding judge a written letter explaining he recanted his oath to the Queen.  He reasons that while he agrees with all parts of the allegiance text, he completely disagrees with having to state his allegiance to the Queen.  Bar-Natan feels the Queen is simply a symbolic figure of the Canadian government.  The Queen has no say in how the country is governed.  Bar-Natan feels the swearing of allegiance is an outdated section of the speech which needs to be removed.  He’s even created a site to help those to wish to follow his footsteps at

Former prime minister Jean Chretien even considered removing it, but abruptly changed his mind.  So the question is should we still be pledging allegiance to the Queen, when in reality the monarchy has very little to do with Canada?

There are critics for and against removing this section of the oath.  Those who already have their citizenship generally are annoyed with those who want to change it.  They reason that if the person disagrees, they are free to leave and go to another country that can accept their standards.  Touché.

Personally when I received my citizenship I was very happy and proud.  Pledging allegiance to the Queen did not bother me in the least bit as I have focussed more on being a great citizen then one who is in dissent.  Perhaps the oath is truly outdated since it is 2015 and the Queen hasn’t been a big part of Canada since the 80’s.

What do  you think should we remove our allegiance to the Queen? Or are we traitors for even thinking that?  And if we do so, why not take her off the currency too?

We love to hear from you and what you think, take the poll and add your comments.

Should we remove our pledge to the Queen from the Oath of Allegiance?


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