New Videos of Sammy Yatim shooting?

The new videos of Sammy Yatim being fatally shot 9 times by Constable James Forcillo have given more ammunition in the current debate of whether police are out of control and are using too much excessive deadly force.  By now a lot of people know about the case and have seen videos of the incident, but here’s some clips from CBC News that you might have not seen yet.

Judging from the first video we wonder if Sammy Yatim did pose that much danger and if he had intended to kill the passengers he would have been on a rampage and started stabbing.

In addition, it can be seen the TTC driver seems to be just talking Sammy down to calm him.  The TTC driver did not flee in a manner consistent with someone whose life was in extreme danger. Sammy Yatim and the TTC driver even had a conversation where the driver was asking what he could do for him.

Sammy Yatim’s last words were:

Go on. Me neither.

Go, go, go, go. I’m not gonna hold you for ransom.

Get setttled. I’m not gonna hold you as hostage.

Afterward many police officers arrived onto the scene while Sammy Yatim was holed up in the TTC street car and a short time later he was dead.

Police Constable James Forcillo

Police: James Forcillo

Of course Constable James Forcillo who was the shooter might have very strong feelings of being threaten by Sammy Yatim.  However we wonder whether the situation could have been handled differently and was there too much excessive force used?




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