Is it a good time to buy BlackBerry stock?

BlackBerry Priv to the rescue?BlackBerry Priv to the rescue?

BlackBerry will be reporting its third quarter earnings on Friday morning and despite the expectation that they will report a loss of around $0.15 cents on revenues of $490, there might be a surprise for investors.

Their latest smartphone, the BlackBerry Priv, that runs on Android have been selling really well with news that it sold out at Walmart stores quickly.  We decided to check out some Rogers and Bell retail locations and asked how the Priv was doing and to our own astonishment, we are hearing the same good story.  The Priv is doing really well and they are out of stock.

At today market close the stock is trading down 3.5% to end the day at $10.89 on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

However most reviews of the BlackBerry Priv have all been positive so we think that when they announced earnings on Friday morning there will be good news and the stock will pop nicely.

Could this be a comeback for BlackBerry that has been struggling to find success despite many setbacks?

We love to hear from you and what you think, take the poll and add your comments.

Is it a good time to buy BlackBerry stock?


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