Do you believe in climate change?

Do you believe in climate change?Do you believe in climate change?

News of the legally binding climate accord that was unanimously approved by nearly 200 countries to fight global climate change have many cheering for the health of the world.  The legally binding agreement is to try to keep average global temeperature increase below 2 Celsius or 35.6 Fahrenheit.

These global climate champions say that by doing this it will help everyone especially venerable developing countries.  By limiting the temperate increase it will help with rising sea levels, droughts, flooding and food and water shortages.

However despite the enthusiasm for the accord, there are many that don’t believe in climate change and these people view it as left-wing propaganda because they see what is happening around the world as a natural occurrence. The climate change deniers are afraid that these new laws would infringe upon their rights to enjoy all of the freedoms they are accustom to.

As both sides have valid points of view when you read their scientific evidence, it is hard to tell who is right and who is wrong.  But headlines in the news about smog in Chinese cities and polar bears dying because ice reefs are melting at an unprecedented rate give us pause to consider if there is actually truth to climate change.

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Do you believe in climate change?



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