Are you surprised by Charlie Sheen announcing he has HIV?

Charlie Sheen is HIV postive

Actor Charlie Sheen who have been in many films such as Wall St, Platoon, and television shows including the wildly successful Two and a Half Men announced to the world on November 17, 2015 that he is HIV postive.

While appearing on NBC’s “Today”, Charlie said he was tired of the shakedowns from people who were in his inner circle and he had trusted with his condition, but instead they have extorted over $10 million from him.

Charlie was aware that he was HIV positive about four years ago and have informed his partners  while taking steps to fight it.  Gone from his vernacular after his firing from the hit show, Two and a Half Men, “tiger blood” and “winning”, now he wants to help people by saying it’s okay to and come out by “Kicking the door open” on HIV stigma.

We hope Charlie Sheen succeed and wish him the best of luck as we never like to see someone in his condition and being taken advantage of.

Unfortunately there will always be someone who is shocked by this news that Charlie Sheen is HIV positive, are you one of them?

We love to hear from you and what you think, take the poll and add your comments.

Are you surprised by Charlie Sheen announcing to the world he has HIV ?

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